LARA Media Group is a London-based media agency specializing in the development, management, and promotion of digital products and services. The company operates in collaboration with academia and a global network of media partners in 14 countries.

Some popular LARA Media Group products include the SEMSEA line of ranking algorithms, The VOU, WTVOX, Horoscope Today magazines, and the Wardrobe of Tomorrow fashion marketplace.

In the tradition of its founders, who cherish media, sustainable development, and technological innovations, LARA Media Group is carving a new pathway of digital journalism and a successful business model of strong media brands and web companies portfolio.



Laurenti Arnault

Chief Executive Officer

RU Amiri

Chief Operating Officer

Pierre-Andre Ben Lassin

Creative Director

Aidan Russell

Project Manager

Ana Alves

Marketing Manager

Eamon Kunze

Head of Media Relations

Katherine Saxon

Consumer Behaviour Researcher

Melynda Godfrey

Data Security Administrator

Salendra Smith

Managing Director