Nonconformist, challenging, and trendsetting, The VOU magazine is the home of alternative fashion styles.

Covering the latest re-interpretations of alternative fashion styles and their blends with current fashion trends, The VOU informs, inspires, and caters to a global audience of fashionistas.

Why Advertise in The VOU?

The VOU is run by genuine and passionate people with decades of expertise in the fashion industry, consumer behavior, marketing, and publishing.

1. The VOU has an editorial team specialized in understanding the audience and their needs by providing them with valuable content that improves the advertiser’s image and sales.

2. The VOU has a team of SEO experts that ensure our content ranks on Google’s 1st page by keeping the articles constantly updated and relevant to the reader.

3. But above all, it is The VOU’s unique audience that makes them stand well above any other fashion magazines on the market.

The VOU’s Audience

The VOU magazine empowers millions of young fashionistas worldwide by inspiring and providing them with shopping options for alternative fashion styles and trends.

Appreciating the constantly-updated high-quality articles and on-page shopping options from highly curated and relevant fashion brands, The VOU magazine has a returning audience of almost 40%

Diverse and Powerful

+2M Visitors

each month

+81K Email Subscribers

29.8% CTR

+10M Impressions

across all social media networks

With 51% identifying as females, 27% as males, and 22% as gender fluid, our audience is highly educated, of high income, and with spending power well over $25,000 on clothing and accessories annually.

Global Social Media Coverage

With a wide range of well-established social media channels and a far-reaching network of media partners, The VOU magazine generates global coverage that converts into brand image, recognition, customer engagement, and sales.

Advertising Options

1. Bespoke Articles

Bespoke articles researched and written by The VOU’s editorial team. Includes newsletter distribution (80k) and promo across all social media platforms.

Ideal for established fashion brands seeking to improve their image or break into new consumer segments.


2. PR & Influencer News

Publish PR/NEWS (collaborations, market expansions, new product launches).

Dedicated to celebrities, influencers, and fashion startups seeking worldwide coverage and followers.


3. Brand/Product Insertion

Insert your brand/products into any existing (and ranking) article from The VOU magazine.

Great for new fashion brands seeking to gain market recognition, new customers, and sales.